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How We're Making the CTC Safe for You


Notice: Due to the latest guidance from the CDC, we are resuming the requirement that patrons, volunteers, and all visitors to the CTC wear face masks at all times in the building. All other safety protocols remain in place. (Posted August 4, 2021)

Updated Safety Protocols for Our Audiences

As you may be aware, the Center for Disease Control recently issued new recommendations for fully vaccinated people. This is exciting news for all of us and is a promising development in the fight against COVID-19. In accordance with CDC recommendations, the CTC is adopting new safety protocols.

Fully vaccinated patrons and volunteers are no longer required to wear face coverings when attending performances or otherwise visiting the theatre. However, we request that all unvaccinated people continue to wear face masks in our facility.

We will also increase capacity in the theatre from the 20% we have been accommodating to 40% to allow more patrons to attend shows but to continue to allow for social distancing. We will follow this practice for our upcoming production of THE MISS FIRECRACKER CONTEST.

During the run of that show, we have scheduled two COVID-19 safety performances. On July 17 and July 24, we will offer patrons a more restricted experience, with capacity reduced to 20%, social distancing of seating that keeps patrons six feet apart or more, and recommended wearing of masks.

We continue to benefit from upgrades made in the last year, including the installation of a GPS bipolar ionization air purification system that removes 99.4% of viruses like COVID-19 from indoor air.

We will continue to practice other safety protocols, such as touchless ticketing and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of common touch points.

We want to thank the CTC community for helping us determine what will make you most comfortable when attending a performance. We recently surveyed our entire email database and received nearly 1,800 responses, the majority of whom said they did not find a requirement that patrons wear masks essential to their decision to attend a performance. Wearing masks at the CTC is now optional for the fully vaccinated and recommended for those who are not.

As we reflect on the past year, it is both inspiring and humbling to know that patrons and volunteers like you have been the reason the CTC has weathered these challenging times. We appreciate your continued diligence to keep the CTC community safe.

Posted June 22, 2021



Previous Safety Protocols for Our Audiences

As we adopt the protocols outlined above, some of these previous practices will remain in effect:

As we welcome audiences back to the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, we have developed these safety guidelines to strike a balance between protecting the health and well-being of our patrons, volunteers, and staff and providing a theatre experience that is enjoyable for our patrons. This 22-step safety plan is extensive, but we feel that it is not so restrictive that our patrons cannot enjoy a visit to the theatre. In fact, we believe that it is because of these restrictions that patrons will be able to have an enjoyable experience. We look forward to welcoming you back to the CTC for a safe and enjoyable evening at the theatre.

  • Performances are in the mainstage theatre, where restricted seating in the 380-seat auditorium allows us to meet recommended standards for social distancing. Seating will be limited to 40 percent of peak capacity, or 150 people, leaving at least two vacant seats between parties and staggering seating between rows. 
  • It is recommended that all patrons, volunteers, and staff wear a face covering whenever in the building, with the exception of performers on stage, who will practice social distancing. Face shields are not permitted. Disposable masks will be provided to those who don’t have their own.
  • All transactions will be conducted by phone or online, and ticket holders will be checked in upon arrival with a touchless procedure.
  • All patrons, volunteers, and staff will have their temperature checked upon entering the building by no-contact thermometers.
  • A self-assessment will be posted to allow patrons to confirm that they may safely attend the performance.
  • Exterior doors will be open before, during, and after performances to increase ventilation throughout the building. 
  • Patrons will be encouraged to meet the members of their party outside as we discourage patrons from congregating in the lobby.
  • Patrons will be expected to maintain social distancing and at least six feet of separation from individuals not in their group. 
  • Signage and floor markings are in place to reinforce social distancing and recommended patron behavior.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the building, including at the entrances and exits, in the lobby, and outside of restrooms.
  • Protective plexiglass barriers have been installed at box office counters and concession stands. 
  • Playbills will be digital, rather than printed, to eliminate the risk of transference.
  • Concessions will not be available to avoid contact and lines. Free bottled water will be offered but must be consumed outdoors before re-entering the building.
  • While seating is general admission to allow for ample room between parties, seat numbers will be tracked in the event contact tracing must be performed.
  • We will require patrons to remain seated or standing at their seats during intermission unless moving directly to or from the restrooms.
  • Staff and volunteers will limit occupancy of restrooms to ensure social distancing. Lines will be monitored to allow appropriate space between patrons.
  • Automatic touchless faucets are available in all of our restrooms to eliminate the need to touch faucets while washing your hands. We have recently converted our toilets to automatic flush systems and have replaced soap and paper towel dispensers with automatic dispensers.
  • We have just installed a GPS bipolar ionization air purification system that removes 99.4% of viruses like COVID-19 from indoor air.
  • Water fountains will be temporarily out of use.
  • Wheelchairs will be available and sanitized after each use.
  • We will encourage patrons to use all available exits after performances.
  • Our theatre, lobby, and restrooms, including seats, armrests, and other high-touch surfaces, will be sanitized after each performance using a combination of disinfectant sprays, wipes, and electrostatic sprays.
Safety Protocols for Our Onstage Volunteers

While onstage volunteers are also protected by the safety protocols in place for our audiences, they will also practice the following procedures:

  • We will conduct virtual auditions and schedule in-person callbacks.
  • We will double-cast each role, and the two casts will rotate rehearsing virtually and in-person. They will perform independently.
  • Face coverings will be required at rehearsals, with temperature checks and health screenings before entry.
  • Actors will maintain a safe distance from one another on stage and there will be no contact.
  • Each space, rehearsal, stage, and dressing rooms, along with props, will be disinfected between rehearsals and performances.
  • During performances, any volunteer not on stage will wear a mask at all times.
  • Precautions taken for our audiences (listed above) will also be practiced for our volunteers.

Note: We have taken enhanced health and safety measures – for our patrons, our volunteers, our staff, and other visitors to our facility – to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19. Please follow all posted safety instructions while visiting the Chattanooga Theatre Centre. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By visiting the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.


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